Of the Banana Nebula Expedition, with the latest news first. The news archive goes back to FEB 3306 and contains information about events that have unfolded over time, covering discoveries that led to the formation of the first expedition and all of the underatkings that have gone on since. NOTE! Buttons like those opposite provide links to data, forms, discord, reddit posts and CMDR videos.
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JULY 3307
JULY 3307
The BNE marked its 1st anniversary on July 11th 2021. It has been an excilerating year to say the least. The ups and downs of life have had an effect on all of us, but our love of the game and community have kept us going thus far. The Fleet Command wish to thank you all, past and present for your hard work and dedication to the cause.
In honour of this occasion, several projects have been completed:
1) - A new FC has been comissioned by ADM W4RZ0N3 (aka BaTLeZone) to represent the BNE in our home system. Say hello to… SDFC BANANAGEDDON - See her arrival - 2) - A new edition of the BNE e-Magazine was made available. See the e-magazine archive. But why download a pdf when you can now - 3) - Access our new website, now online at 4) - Finally, before live events took place, ADM BaTLeZone announced planning stages for the next Site F expedition.
The FC BaTLeStar Banana will lead the new expedition, potentially with the support of FC Mavia. So watch these FC channels and the Site F channel on discord for details. Live events also took place during the anniversary. See the screenshots and links to vids here:
BNE Site
Site E
Site B
Site A
Site C
Site D
Site F
MARCH 3307
MAR 3307
The Site B expansion mission arrives on site and Site D is briefly scouted at the same time. The NBLC Faction is formed and begins ops to take control of our new home system and station, ‘The Seekers Rest’. An apt name if ever there was one. Also at Site B, CMDR THEpREDEITOR makes a NEW discovery as shown.
THE INFLATED WHALE                                                 [Q1H-7HF] ADM INFWHALE KNOW YOUR FC ADMIRAL THE FLEET THE FACTS ONLINE MEDIA - BUYING ON DEMAND (PM) - GALACTIC AVERAGE PRICES - 7% TARIFF ELITE DANGEROUS ADM INFWHALE SITE FOUNDER FLEET CMDR _______________ 3307  -  BANANA NEBULA EXPEDITION      -  IN FRUCTU CONFIDIMUS  -   THE INFLATED WHALE  [Q1H-7HF] SITE E - Expedition Itinerary ELITE DANGEROUS ADM INFWHALE SITE FOUNDER FLEET CMDR _______________ 3307  -  BANANA NEBULA EXPEDITION      -  IN FRUCTU CONFIDIMUS  -   SITE E - STOPOVER 1 The Inflated Whale will need a good systemfor refueiling. So one activity is to scout outa good Tritium mining system where the FCwill move to make its home base during themission. SITE E - Departure April 2nd 3307                   15:00 (Game time) ACANTS - THE INFLATABLE WHALE SITE E - STOPOVER 2                    Sag A vicinity SITE E - Initial Destination                    FLYEIA BYOEA GR-C D107 SITE E - Activities General Mapping - CMDR’s visit systems in a 1000lyrange around the arrival system and report systemswith NSP sites via the Site E online report form. Edge mapping activities will beuseful so we can direct our searchefforts. These CMDR’s need to bereporting to TP Tools - EDSM.
Site E planning begins and recruitment starts with a new reddit post. One FC and only the most dedicated CMDR’s need apply.
OCT 3306                                                 The 9th Fleet Carrier joins the                                                 BNE and takes position for operations. Thanks to the hard work of all involved,  updates show that 4,500 NSP sites have now been discovered. OCTOBER 3306
NOV 3306
Sagittarius Eye - The prime Elite Dangerous Magazine - Issue 30 is released with a featured article about the BNE. Thanks go to ADM Raf Von Thorn, Mack Winston and the awesome team at Sagittarius Eye.
BANANA  NEBULA  EXPEDITION   3306 - ADM - RAF VON THORN ELITE DANGEROUS                  EXPEDITION ORGANISER                  ROLE_________________                 Mapping - Mining - FC Services                  SHIP_________________                 EMPERORS GRACE (FC) NOVEMBER 3306
DEC 3306
DEC 15 - First contact is made with the Canonn Research groups and negotiations for mutual cooperation begin. BNE data starts to merge with the Canonn Galaxy Map to reveal the extent of our efforts.
DEC 28 - The BNE Xmas event, with fabulous prizes.
JAN 3307
BNE Site data grows in the Canonn galaxy map. Data now covers 3327 star systems with 6193 NSP sites in a sphereical bubble, 1180 x 1159 x 1180ly.
FEB 3307
The BNE grows its ambitions and decides to expand ops to new NSP sites around the Galaxy. Sites A, B, C, D and E are chosen for further investigation. Site A initial exploration takes place supported by ADM Nick Nicholson with FC Mavia.
ELITE DANGEROUS NICK NICHOLSON FLEET ADMIRAL _______________ 3306  -  BANANA NEBULA EXPEDITION      -  IN FRUCTU CONFIDIMUS  - ELITE DANGEROUS ELITE DANGEROUS SCIENCE OFFICER FLEET CMDR _______________ 3306  -  BANANA NEBULA EXPEDITION      -  IN FRUCTU CONFIDIMUS  -   BaTLeZone FEBRUARY 3307 JUNE 3307 JUN 3307                                                  A busy month even considering                                                  the Odyssey effect: CMDR Scopelx takes it upon himself to go and scout Site C. Definately a worthy CMDR of the month award there. ADM Nick Nicholson does the insane - 2 x 50,000 ly trips in opposite directions at the same time. One carrying a hull full of Tritium and with a tiny jump range to help resupply The Inflated Whale at Site E.                              And finally, we join forces with the TSCG - The Stellar                              Cartographers Guild.  CMDR OF THE MONTH!                            “We are a guild of explorers who are united in the goal of                           expanding our knowledge and understanding of our galaxy. As we explore deeper into the black, each day brings new discovery. We map the stars and expand our horizons. We are a relaxed, no pressure group who travel at our own pace. We are not concerned with title, experience, wealth or the BGS’. ELITE DANGEROUS SCOPELX SITE C ADVANCED SCOUT _______________ 3307  -  BANANA NEBULA EXPEDITION      -  IN FRUCTU CONFIDIMUS  -   PS - The first CMDR Photo Album has also been created. See the link in the CMDR ALBUMS page.
The Site E Expansion mission begins... 7 CMDR’s, 1 FC and 50,000ly to go. What could go wrong?
Site E Expansion mission journal... First stopover reached safely. ADM Infwhale and Admiral Nick Nicholson took a brief trip to check out a possible Site F location. Check the video to see what was found and check the missions page for more details. Second stop over at Sag A, the half way point and an opportunity for CMDR’s to visit the famous black hole at the center of the Milky Way galaxy.
Site E arrival and CMDR’s gather for a quick photoshoot. Left to right - CMDR’s: Datarum, ADM Infwhale, Tokolose, Nick Nicholson & Darthwilhelm. Exploration began early April, and Currently 40 Systems with 82 NSP sites have been mapped. A Tritium refueling site has also been found and operations are progressing. The next goal is to determine if this place is a good spherical shape, like the BNE or not. Finds include Albulum, Caeruleum, Puniceum, Roseum and Rubeum Squid molluscs in mainly planet rings with mostly Ice crystals, but some metallic and silicate crystals. To date the site looks less dense than the BNE Site, but is at least 650 ly in diameter at some points. There is alot of work to be done.
APR 3307
APRIL 3307
MAY 3307
The BNE Discord begins to shrink after Odyssey drops on PC.
MAY 3307
JUL 3306
JUL 11 - ADM Infwhale places a Reddit call for help. JUL 21 - CMDR Raf Von Thorn, a veteran of the ED community forms the BNE, announces a first schedule and opens the BNE Discord channel.
JUL 27 - The BNE ED Forum page is added & on JUL 28, CMDR registration on Discord begins. Let the fun begin. The initial membership is 15 CMDR’s & 2 Fleet Carriers.
JULY 3306
MAY - JUN 3306
The NSP sites appear with almost every new jump. Mapping continues and by the end of June 3306, approx 150 systems with NSP have been identified and explored.
MAY 3306
APR 3306
Beta tests and Fleet Carriers are released. ADM Infwhale takes a quick detour to the Eskimo nebula and performs some exploration at the upper edge of the galaxy before piloting The Inflated Whale’back to NGC 3199.
APRIL 3306
MAR 3306
Continued exploration reveals more and more NSP sites. System and mollusc investigation begins. As the number of NSP sites grows, so does the idea for a dedicated NSP mapping expedition.
MARCH 3306 FEB 3306 After searching the Formadine Rift and the edge of the galactic rim, ADM Infwhale arrives in the vicinity of NGC 3199, the Banana Nebula.  The initial approach and some exploration reveals a number oF star systems that contain Notable Stellar Phenomena (NSP).
AUG 3306
AUG 20 - The PC, NBLC Squadron is established. AUG 22 - 5 FC’s have now joined the BNE. AUG 24 - We reach 100 CMDR’s.
AUG 8 - The BNE YT Teaser goes live on Inf Whale channel AUG 12 - BNE ED Wiki page is live AUG 17 - BNE on D2EA YT.
SEP 3306
The intrepid journalists of Sagittarius Eye interview ADM Infwhale, the site founder & Raf Von Thorn, the BNE Fleet Admiral.
Still, for the dedicated explorers amongst us, the graphics improvements are a welcome upgrade, even with the flaws & needing to travel thousands of lightyears to pick-up suits.
The Flavum Torus mollusc. Apart from this, the CMDR has devised a unique method of mapping to aid the mission participants divy up systems and coordinate their search efforts. O7 CMDR!
Site B launches soon afterwards under the command of ADM BaTLeZone on the Fleet Carrier BaTLeStar Banana.
STATS: 3877 Mollusc sites. 1082 Lagrange clouds. 2950 Ice crystal sites. 1644 Metallic crystal sites. 603 Silicate crystal sites. 104 Solid Mineral Sphere sites. Plus Guardian sites. There is lots of work still to be done. o7
The first NSP anomalies are reported. Moving NSP sites, that can’t be entered and that pass through planets? A strange Lagrange cloud is also discovered, which disipates upon approach (DROKOE HI-Q D6-7).
To round off a busy month. The local DSSA FC joins the discord to offer support for our CMDR’s. Welcome DSSA Kraut and Rudi Raumkraut. Nebula Discoveries LLC Squadrons are formed on XBOX & PS4 and on SEP 19th, the first BNE player event day takes place.
Another busy month at the BNE: Site F mapping started so the new Site F area has been added to the website missions page. 2 FC’s are now on site and The Makroprosopos (Admiral THEpREDEITOR) has been comissioned to assist, departing on the 20th. Data is now being gathered placing Gyre Trees and Pods on the menu.
While the site has been divided into 3 areas (A, B and C) the density of stars is a little varied. New mapping methods are under development to aid those that might choose to help with mapping. It’s nice to see something other than molluscs. Summer Holidays have left us with a skeleton crew, but ADM Infwhale; self isolating, has filled the time with the 1,000,000 cubic light year mapping project at the centre of Site E. Now completed the area held 3645 star systems. Over 1000 NSP systems have now been identified. Full data can be found in the missions area. This focussed method is also now being applied at another spot in Site E and Site F.
AUG 3307
On a final note, please welcome 2 new BNE Participants: CMDR Lorien. An excellent char from the fantastic 90’s sci-fi Babylon 5. CMDR Will Magpie - A new (2021) Elite Dangerous exploration fan. o7 :-)
OCT 3307
Continued exploration of Site E reveals more NSP Sites and spherical dimensions growing to almost equal measurements as predicted. The 3rd 1000,000ly cube mapping is proceeding slowely.
OCT 3307
Site E - 100 Ly cube (3)
Continued efforts on the part of the Site F team reveal new data for the Canonn galaxy mapping project. Under tough conditions hope yet remains for some new finds.
MAR 3308 DEC 3307 NOV & DEC 3307 All sites returned to the human bubble for a break from mission activities. XMAS activities  included SRV races at Temple Hub and suicidewinder plus SRV demolitions at the Holloway bio-sci research facility.  Before the SRV derby the in-game xmas present hunt delivered several new items, a little extra cash, two free ship hulls and some free ARX.  HAPPY NEW YEAR! TEMPLE HUB
JAN 3308
SITE F - Winding down the last CMDR’s returned to the bubble.
Site F yielded 4 new tree’s and after the Xmas break and some prep, the Site D expedition started on their trip first to Colonia, then across the galaxy to arrive on site on the 21st Feb 3308.
MAR 3308
takes a month off to do some casual exploration. Moving first above the bubble, then 30,000 ly to the west, skirting the edge before turning back. Finally, stopping off at Site B before returning on the 6th March. 1600 systems, 1.5 Bil credits richer the journey ends with a shiny new 1000,000ly EDSM Badge. In other news, after months of efforst by many CMDR’s, Fdev finally admit that our home system is broken and we’ll never be able to take control of the Seekers Rest station. There are no plans to disband the NBLC Faction and try to start up a new player group in a new system at this time. What the future brings, no one knows.
AUG 3308
AUG 3308
Time waits for no CMDR and a lot has happened over the last 4 months. To begin, ADM Infwhale returned to the human bubble to restock and refit ‘The Inflated Whale’ with on-foot modules. He then proceeded to the original BNE Site to test the cube mapping strategy. From late March to August 3308, an additional approx 1400 NSP have been mapped in 1 cube. I
With new FC Modules dropping soon ADM Infwhale sets a course and
In other news, Site D data is increasing. There are a lot of valuable systems out there, but the NSP are well hidden, mainly at high mass systems. A new bug - unscanable crystals has been found at the site along with strange looking crystal forms compared to those we know. We also had a small celebration of our second anniversary as a Player Group, with some shenanigans at the site. Note. If you’re going to go out to this site. Expect earnings of over half a billion (if you stop, FSS scan and map the high value planets) along the way from the human bubble. In July, a worthy BNE hero, ‘Raf Von Thorn’ returned. The seasoned CMDR who started our discord and organised the first BNE expedition. Made a return to the discord with plans to do some ED activities in the future. ‘Welcome back!’ Should you rename The Emperors Grace to Mary Celeste. Finally, our most dedicated Admiral, ‘BaTLeZone’ begun his own CMDR Photo Album. See the link ‘PHOTOGRAPHY OF THE BANANA NEBULA EXPEDITION (BNE) CMDR COLLECTIONS in the CMDR Album section. Note - This album only contains EDH photography at this time. o7 all and fly safe!